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5 Benefits Of Content Delivery Network (CDN) With Magento for Optimization

CDN for Magento Optimization

The integration of content delivery network (CDN) architecture with Magento development company product is now gaining momentum as the users are finally able to see the potential it possesses. The BuiltWith’s study data suggests that 16% of the top 100,000 e-commerce websites are created using Magento, 22% if you include Magento Enterprise as well. This makes a fair share of the online store website, right? As a good e-commerce website is an eye-candy for the viewers, it receives loads of traffic and increased number of regular purchases. Having a local business allows you to run the e-commerce website without any extension tool but running a big business using the same software is a bit difficult. Hire Magento developer and ask him what’s the most common problem that a globally running e-commerce business faces, and he’ll give you a long list.

One of the common problems is the slow speed of the website. This can be improved by using the CDN with Magento website. Let’s find out what’s CDN and how does it benefit in the optimization of the website!

What is a Content Delivery Network?

A content delivery network consists of multiple distributed servers or nodes present in different parts of the world. They are given the role of delivering the web pages and content to the various users based on the origin of the webpage, geographic location of the viewer, and the content delivery server. Here are the benefits that this system offers:

Benefits of using a CDN with Magento

  • Faster website loading speed – Improve User Experience

The loading speed is an important factor for a website’s success. According to Kissmetrics, an e-commerce website making $100,000 per day could lose up to $2.5 million in sales per year with a 1-second page delay. This is unacceptable, right? The CDN helps you retain more customers by offering good loading speed of the web page. It decreases the loading time and provides faster routes to deliver the content to the respective viewer. This is made possible owing to the presence of different servers of the website content throughout the world. The shorter distance of the content delivery to the users helps in reducing latency as well as packet loss.

Also, the compression capabilities and the hardware of CDN servers are designed to outperform the standard web hosting servers. The short-term RAM that it uses is amazing in terms of speed.

  1. Avoids site crashing events with high traffic load

The common problem with the websites that receive a huge flow of traffic is that their server crash. This results in the loss of the viewer and hence reduces sales and profit of the business. Thus, Hire Magento developer that is capable of integrating the CDN with the website. It benefits by reducing the load of the traffic on one server, distributing the bandwidth across multiple servers, and by minimizing the downtime. When so many different node networks are working to deliver the content and satisfy the users, the website does not crash. Instead, it succeeds in delivering great user experience.

  • Ensures enhanced site security
  • Site Security

The different CDN programs come with industry-leading encryption standards. The number third benefit is that they keep the business’s website safe. One of the ways to harm a website is through the denial of service attacks. According to the infographics on ‘Why you should use a CDN for website optimization?’ the hackers use denial of service attacks (32%) as the most functional attack method.

In this, an automated program is used to direct a huge amount of traffic to the website in order to crash it. As a content delivery network offers multiple servers, the attack is spread to a large space, buying you time to further find out the main error and protect your website.

  • Elevates the search engine ranking of the website – Good for SEO
Search Engine Optimization

The page loading time is one of the ranking factors of the Google search engine. As a CDN is designed to optimize the website by improving its page loading speed, it helps in improving its ranking in the search engine. Thus, it is suitable for enhancing the SEO of the website. Another benefit that it offers in this regard is the reduced bounce rate. Through this, you can also quickly index your image assets in Google image search.


  • Access your target audience on a global level

As the website content is made available through the server to different locations, an e-commerce business can stretch its wings globally. The business industry can invest in other locations and attract customers from there as well. Looking at this aspect of a CDN suggests that it helps in increasing the sales and enhancing the business internationally.


The content delivery network is a blessing that every big company with lots of traffic and sales can benefit from. The e-commerce is here to stay thus, it’s better to improve it using CDN and other techniques for better results.

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