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Magento Automatic Related Products Comparison (Aheadworks Vs Amasty)

Automatic Related Products Extension for Magento 2

To give your customers a better overall shopping experience and improve your services/products, is a continuous process. There are various amazing measures or steps to increase sales and revenue along with offering a customized user experience.

One of the ways is to recommend products to your customers while they are purchasing products from your store. You can recommend the products related to their previous purchase or browse which could match their interest. There are various eCommerce companies across the globe which are still not utilizing this technique on their store.

The product recommendation feature can be added to your Magento 2 based stores with the installation of the Automatic Related Products extension. The extension automatically creates the list of related products and display on various pages as a separate block. It gives the complete control to the admin for managing the functionality from the backend.

You can read the various salient features of two Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2 stores developed by Amasty and Aheadworks Company, in the below given table:


Automatic Related Products for Magento 2


Automatic Related Products for Magento 2


Community Price: $199.00

Community Price: $449.00

Enterprise Price: $499.00

Enterprise Price: $1,249.00


Automatically relates the products through great algorithm.

Define the related products with any number of flexible conditions.

Regulate the display of related products by specifying conditions.

Give a different look to the block with customized layout.

Show the related products to the customers as per customer views or purchases.

Allows to choose the position for the block on the page to match the layout of the store.

Replace the products related manually with the automatic related products.

The block can be located and rules can be set at/for Category, Cart or Product Page.

Manage the display of related products in Customers also bought/viewed block.

Add the related products to the selected products simultaneously.

Display variety of products by showing Cross-sell, Up sell and related products in different tabs.

Conditions choose the products for the block and location for the block

Specify a time period for gathering the stats data.

Check performance stats and Click Through rates from the rule grid.

Increase purchase rate by displaying the related products in the shopping cart.

Display multiple blocks on the same page with different products, names and positions to differentiate.

Exclude the products which are out of stock from the display under related products.

A customized selection of related products according to the product attributes.

Select to display products from the same category or any other category.

Select the products and pages to show the block to display the related products for each condition.

Choose up-selling or related products as per brands.

Set up a grid, a slider, number of rows, number of products and principle for the block.

Define a price filter for related products and up- sells block.

Override the automatic related products with manually related products by product settings.

If you are already impressed with the features of the related products extension, you can install the extension to your store and take the maximum advantage of it.

Do you have any query about the extension? Do you want a customized version of the extension for your store? Get in touch with us anytime!


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