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Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension Comparison Guide [Aheadworks vs Magestore]

Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2

With so many eCommerce websites, it is getting difficult to keep or engage the customers/visitors. There are various ways to keep the customers engaged and one of them is updating the appearance of your store.

Banner slider is the best suitable option to change your store’s look. It offers different effects and positions for the banners on your store.

The banner slider not just change the looks for your store but it also helps you with the promotions, events or campaign. You can inform your customers about any coming soon event or sales by creating interesting banners, adding some animations or effects and keeping it at different locations on your store.

There are various companies offering the Banner slider features with help of an extension. We have created a table below comparing the price and features of the Banner Sliders developed by company Aheadworks and Magestore. We have also included the download link for the extension in the table. Take a look:



Rich Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2


Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2


Community Price: $00.00

Community Price: $00.00

Enterprise Price: $00.00

Enterprise Price: $00.00


Unlimited numbers of slides and banners can be created

Attracts the customer’s attention

Schedule to enable or disable a slide

Selection from 36 different positions of the banners

Monitor the slide effectiveness with Slide Statistics

Preview the selected position of banners before applying

Multiple options for slide rotation

Check the report of slide effectiveness

Place the banner on the homepage, category page or product pages.

Different types of banners with various effects

Limit the display of banners to a store view or group of customers

Draws attention to any event, promotion or campaign

Comes with Unit tests for checking the compatibility

Create custom style slider with custom codes

Both the above-listed companies are offering the Banner Slider extension for Magento 2, free. The features and functionalities offered by both the extensions are quite different. I hope this comparison will help you in selecting the perfect extension for your store and needs.

If you want to know more about banner sliders and its functionalities or you require any help in comparing the extension from both the companies, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you further!


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