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Holiday Savings Offers

The holiday season brings spikes in traffic and sales for online merchants in the USA. It may prove strenuous if proper support and services are not available. To ease the life of Magento eCommerce merchants, M-Connect Media – Sales Oriented Magento Ecommerce Development Company is going to avail some lucrative marketing incentives.

Holiday Season

In the American history, Thanksgiving Day feast was celebrated first time in 1621 to establish harmony between Europeans and Native Americans for consecutive three days. With the pace of time, the first-day feast celebration remained as Thanksgiving Day while the next of it became Black Friday.

With the invention of the Internet and digital devices, remote shopping became easy. It has given birth to Cyber Monday celebration as an online shopping day. After November month, the December and early January has Christmas are New Year celebrations.

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Significance of Holiday Season

The people used to love enjoying November and December months as the holiday season. They would like to spend their savings, which they have made throughout the year, during this period. Therefore, retail and e-commerce businesses see tremendous sales opportunities during the holiday season.

The recent statistics also reveal the fact. In 2016 holiday season, American shoppers have spent $1.93 billion on Thanksgiving Day, $3.34 billion on Black Friday, and $3.39 billion on Cyber Monday.

Trends Favor E-commerce for Holiday Sales

Holiday sales data on eCommerce during these three days indicate the share of online shopping against traditional in-store shopping. On the Thanksgiving Day, the sales were $1,287 million, $1,970 on Black Friday, and $2,671 on Cyber Monday during 2016 holiday season.

Now, you may have a question that what mean to present the holiday sales data. Right, with the sales data of 2016 holiday season, we would like to convince and encourage online merchants to reap the best out of holiday sales trends by preparing your eCommerce with Magento 2 technologies.

Some advance preparations need the involvement of talented and experienced Magento developers. Some extensions can extend the features and functionality of your storefront. On-time and reliable supports and services enable your online store working properly even during the heavy rush of the holiday season.

Considering such needs, M-Connect Media, which is an eminent Magento eCommerce development Agency with flairs in high-end extension development has offered some comprehensive and discounted packages to cope with upcoming traffic and boost the overall holiday revenues up. Those packages are:

Lucrative OFFs on Magento Extension Sale

Magento extension developers at M-Connect Media have developed a wide range of extension for Magento 1x and 2x versions. The extensions are capable of providing features and functions that can give an edge over the competitions prevailing in the current online market.

If you would like to know regarding our extensions for Magento 1x versions, please refer page.

For Magento 2x versions, page. The marketing team of M-Connect Media has offered some heavy discounts on the eve of the holiday season. For instance,

Offers For Magento 2 Extensions:

Buy Any 1 Extension

Buy Any 2 Extensions

Buy Any 3 Extensions

Get 15% Discount Get 25% Discount Get 40% Discount


Offers For Magento 1 Extensions:

Buy Any One Extension
Get 50% Discount

Tempting Discounts on Magento Support & Maintenance Services

During the holiday season, a spike in traffic is always expected, and online merchants have to prepare early for it. The preparation needs more-commerce merge websites capable of delivering high performance during tons of requests on the server. It falls into performance optimization measures.

Despite all possible measures and precautions, crash, bugs, and network latencies like issues arising and spoil the entire holiday sale mood. In due course, Magento merchants have to keep ready support and maintenance battalion to act in mid-night like odd times.

Unfortunately, calling a freelance Magento developer for an emergency during such busy period may fail, and nobody can extend the helping hands even the merchant is ready to pay double charges than the standard ones.

Considering these, M-Connect Media has designed Magento support and maintenance service packages. View discounted packages here.

Offers For Magento Support and Maintanance Services:

Support Small Medium Enterprise

Monthly Subscription 

[After 10% Discount]

$600 $1050 $1350
$540 $945 $1215

6 Months Subscription 

[After 30% Discount]

$3348 $5859 $7533
$2344 $4102 $5274

Annual Subscription 

[After 40% Discount]

$5760 $10080 $12960
$3456 $6048 $7776

According to those offers:

The team is offering three plans-small, medium, and enterprise. Each plan has three kinds of subscriptions-monthly, half-yearly, and annual. Thus, the team has decided to offer

  • 10% discount on a monthly subscription for all plans.
  • 30% discount on half yearly subscription for all plans.
  • 40% discount on annual subscription for all plans.

Attractive OFFs on Hire Magento Developer Packages

As we have discussed earlier, that find supports services and hire Magento developer is tough job during the demanding period of the ‘Peak Week’ in the holiday season. Moreover, smart and proactive Magento merchants engage seasoned Magento developers for advance preparations to cope with upcoming holiday sales spikes.

Keeping these facts in mind, M-Connect Media has designed some comprehensive and viable Hire Magento Developer packages to ease the life of Magento eCommerce owners. Checkout the offer price rates here.

Moreover, the marketing team has unveiled some attractive deals with heavy discounts on various packages.

Offers For Hire Magento Developer or Development Team:

Support 10-12 Month 6-9 Month 3-5 Month
Discount 40% 25% 15%
Package Price $3360/month $4200/month $5040/month
After Discount $2016/month $3150/month $4284/month

According to those offers:

  • 15% discount on 3-5 months package.
  • 25% discount on 6-9 months package.
  • 40% discount on 10-12 months package.


These splendid offerings are only applicable for the current holiday season for November and December months. If you are an e-commerce merchant with Magento storefront, these offers may prove Oxygen for your holiday sales and enable you to leverage the expertise, experiences, and high-end infrastructural facilities available at M-Connect Media.

Just go through Magento Ecommerce Holiday Special Offer page and find the best one for you.

Wish you happy holiday season.

M-Connect Media team.

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