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Magento 2 Coupon Code Extension Quick Review – Amasty vs Aheadworks

Coupon Code Generator Extension for Magento 2

People love and enjoy shopping a lot whether it is online or offline. And who does not like a discount or free thing on products. These sales, discounts and coupons make the shopping more exciting.

Coupons can be used as a marketing tool to attract a large number of customers to your store and purchase their desired products at the lowest cost. The coupons generated at any website are sent to their customers to bring them back to store for doing shopping of items with discounted prices.

The coupon codes for the Magento 2 based eCommerce stores can be generated by a Coupon Code Generator extension. The extension has been developed by many development companies, but we will share the salient features and price of 2 well-known companies i.e. Amasty and Aheadworks.

We have prepared a comparison of the features and price offered by both the companies, in a table format. Kindly go through the comparison and define which extension suits your business model:


Generate and Import Coupons for Magento 2


Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2


Community Price: $209.00

Community Price: $199.00

Enterprise Price: $509.00

Enterprise Price: $749.00


Create numerous coupons as per the cart price rules

Automatically allow coupons directly to the customers

Offer the coupons generated through URLs

Define an expiry date for each coupon generated

Generate the coupon codes utilizing the available coupon templates

Check the status and other details of every coupon

Import countless coupon codes of any cart price rule from the CSV or XML file

Generate coupons in various ways as per the rules previously created

Allot the coupon codes to the cart price rules as per your requirement

Create and deliver coupons to the selected customers through mass action

Coupons takes up the value of ‘uses per coupon’ or ‘uses per customer’ options automatically

Send the coupons in the email individually, in a newsletter or as a follow-up email

Option to create the coupons with customized templates

Add coupons and other details in the email via custom variables available.

Generate detailed reports of coupon code usage automatically

Send coupons to customers meeting the cart or product conditions defined.

Check and export the reports for coupon code usage details

Statistics available for the coupon code usage for each rule

Track the use of coupon codes with tracking numbers obtained from reports

Check effectiveness of the coupon code or rule and track the performance

Provide great deals on Groupon and other hosting services

Differentiate coupons by using custom prefixes

Create coupon codes from the ticket page and add it to the reply

Use of API of generator to create coupon codes by 3rd party extensions

If you have decided which extension to purchase and apply on your store, download the extension from the provided link in the above table and avail the benefits of its features.

Are you interested in understanding the functionality of the extension before installing and applying in your eCommerce store? Do you want to install the extension on your online store without going through any hassle? Don’t hesitate in talk to us.


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