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Magento Help Desk Extension Comparison [Aheadworks /]

Magento 2 Help Desk Extension Comparison

While creating amazing Magento 2 based eCommerce products, these product developers create a simple yet intuitive Customer Service Support section. It will support the customers and help them is solving their queries, pay attention to their valuable feedback and suggestions.  Every customer has different requests and for that few basic features aren’t enough. Nowadays, an array of extension is available which can make online shopping experience; a merely enjoyable one for the customers!

It is important to provide the customers with strong online support which will create a strong connection between the customers and back-end team. Focusing on the crucial factor of customer service, the Help Desk Extension is designed & developed that can manage customer queries and handle their requests in a seamlessly.

Here, the below table shows the comparison between various features and price for Help Desk Magento 2 extension of and Aheadworks:

Help Desk for Magento 2


Help Desk Ultimate for Magento 2


Community Price: $300.00

Community Price: $299.00

Enterprise Price: $450.00

Enterprise Price: $1499.00


It is developed on mobile-friendly interface for the customers to get real-time access to the service desk

Ticket creation. The extension offers several ways to create help desk tickets, including from the backend, via contact forms, using predefined email gateways.

Offers two-way mail integration; between the customers & support team along with 360-degree client view

Process automations. The module is able to automate some ticket processing stages, including admin and customer notifications on ticket status and idle time changes, ticket priority changes, agent or department change email notifications, and so on and so forth.

It supports multi-store facility along with different languages

Convenient ways to submit tickets. Customers are able to submit tickets from on-site Contact forms, from their personal Magento accounts or via email.

Generated tickets are assigned to their respective departments for the particular agents to manage it from back-end

Comprehensive Backend Ticket pages. Using the comprehensive backend ticket areas customer service agents are able to follow the entire history of a ticket, instantly get current ticket statuses and notes provided by other agents, detailed customers and orders related information, and agent-to-client message threads.

Agents can communicate via these channels which are invisible to the customers at the front end

Convenient and transparent communication with customers. The whole communication between a customer and service team is arranged into one message thread, where customer, agent and system messages are displayed in different colors for comfort.

Customers can view the ticket replies by the support staff so that they can stay connected with all their previous communication

Email gateways. Each customer service department may have its own email gateway. All the emails sent to the selected mailbox are converted into tickets automatically in this case. Using it customers are able to carry out their communications by email without any login procedures.

Customers can view their balance of loyalty points along with their placed order details

Developed customer oriented functionality. Customers are provided with reach ticket submission and processing functionalities and can conveniently track and carry out ticket related communications.


The above table gives an overview of the features offered by each of the Magento 2 Help Desk Extension of two most popular companies. It will assist you in knowing about each of the features offered by two companies for the same Magento 2 extension.

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