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Magento 2 Ajax Shopping Cart Comparison [Swissuplabs vs Amasty vs Aheadworks]

Ajax Shopping Cart Extension for Magento 2

When the customers are in a hurry, they know which product to buy from the online store. They just need to add the product to their shopping cart and then proceed to checkout or continue with the shopping.

Once a customer has added a product to the cart, they need to visit the shopping cart page to check the details and this makes customers frustrating when the page takes a long time to reload or redirect.

To overcome these issues, an Ajax Shopping Cart extension has been developed for the Magento 2 based eCommerce stores. This extension helps the online retailers to offer a better shopping experience to their visitors or customers. This module will help customers to add items to Magento shopping cart fast and without interrupting the shopping process

The extension displays a pop window for the cart where the customers can see the details of the products such as name, description, image, subtotal etc. along with the related items without any page reload. It also allows the customers to edit their cart items.

The most popular Ajax Cart extensions have been developed by Amasty, Swissuplabsand Aheadworks. In the below table, you can find the price and feature comparison for all the three company extensions along with the download link. Please have a look:


AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2


M2 Ajax Pro


AJAX Shopping Cart for Magento 2


Community Price: $219.00

Community Price: $79.00

Community Price: $199.00

Enterprise Price: $749.00

Enterprise Price: $79.00

Enterprise Price: $499.00


Facilitates an add-to-cart pop-up window

A fully featured pop up window for shopping cart

Ajax based modern shopping cart pop up

Add products to the cart from the category page

Selection of product options from Add to cart pop up

Two types of Ajax Confirmation windows.

Pop up includes the product details, ratings as well as reviews for the product added to cart

Supports different types of product.

Supports the feature of customization and configuration of products.

Works for the bundle, grouped, and configurable products types

Improves the customer engagement and conversion.

Helps to promote the related products

Ajax eliminates the page reloads

Avoids page reloads

Pop up shows name, quantity, subtotal of products

Processes movement from catalog page to cart and vice versa, smoothly

Improves your store’s usability and customer satisfaction

Option to select the position of pop-up window

Responsive cart design

Offers influential visual effects which ultimately makes your online store recognizable

The features of all the three extensions will give an idea about the features and functionalities of the respective extensions. You can also go through the details of the extensions on our site and then download from the link shared in the table above.

If you have any questions about the Ajax shopping cart extension or you want any help in the download or installation extension, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!


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