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Magento 2 Extra Fees Extension Quick Review between Mageworx and Amasty

Extra Fee Extension for Magento

Sometimes you may wish to provide additional paid services to your customers and encourage them to purchase more from your store. With Extra Fee Extension for Magento 2, you can create unlimited extra fee conditions as per the product or services.

The extension enables to apply the extra fee as a percent of default fee or fixed price to all the possible conditions or condition combinations. The extra fee created will be displayed on cart and checkout pages, where you can choose to show or hide the fee in orders, invoices, cart subtotal or credit memos.

The fees generated by the Extra fee extension can be customized based on the customer’s requirements. You can even manage the name, description and location of the fee to display in the store. The Magento extension development companies: Amasty and Mageworx have developed the extra fee extension for the Magento 2 based stores.

You can review the features along with the price offered by the extensions of both the companies in the below table:


Extra Fee for Magento 2


Multi Fees extension for Magento 2


Community Price: $249.00

Community Price: $99.00

Enterprise Price: $549.00

Enterprise Price: $198.00


Create n number of extra fees

Create unlimited extra product/service fee as per your need

Choose to show the extra fees on cart and checkout pages

Split the fees as per store view and customer groups available

Create extra fees according to the shipping and payment methods

Generate conditions as per product types or attributes, cart attributes and cart item attributes

Choose to display the fees with multiple flexible conditions

Display or hide the extra fees based on different conditions

Select a percent or fixed price fee type

Choose and apply fixed price or percent fee type

Set the product price to be used for the percent fee calculation

Configure to calculate tax with ease

Generate extra fee including or excluding discounts, shipping amounts or other taxes.

Specify and customize name, description of fee and the position on the cart page

Customize the parameters of calculation for some rules

Customize the extra fee as per the customer’s need or requirement

Percent fee type automatically calculates the extra fee and shows the result to the customers.

Choose to make the fee as ‘one time’ or ‘required’

Generate different payment fees as per various conditions and their combinations

Allow customers to make comments or mention a date for each extra product/service fee

Manage the fees to display based on cart or product attributes

Personalize the offers based on location or preferences of your customers

Display the fees as dropdown, Radio button or checkboxes

Show/hide the extra fees in cart total, orders, invoices and credit memos

Set a default fee for creating the extra fee

Define a sorting order for the multiple fees created

Define the customer groups and store views to display the extra fees

Assign percent fee type to shipping/order subtotal and tax/handling

You will get the outlook of both the extension as per their features listed above. If you have made up your mind for one of the extension, download the extension from the given link in the above table.

Want to know more about additional features of extra fee? Need help with the installation of the extension? Please get in touch with our Magento experts anytime!



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