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Magento 2 Migration & Ecommerce Trend – Magento Meetup London 2017

Magento 2 Migration Meetup London 2017

Magento 2 Meetup was organized in London recently with managers, developers, marketers and business owners as its participants. The meet was all about Magento 2 Migration and also discussed some of the upcoming trends and eCommerce shifts in the year 2017. It was an event that enriched many people’s knowledge bank about eCommerce and how it would be transforming in this year.

While many like Max Pronko felt lovely attending the full house Meetup London.

Sam Ban felt that it was an interesting event with a big number of people turning up for the Meetup.

Few like, Tomek Karwatka came up with eye-opening, well-researched presentations that brought more light on Magento 2.

How does the migration process to Magento 2 look like? from Divante

Tomek Karwatka’s presentation was all about statistics which gave an insight on the investment made in the eCommerce sector in 2016 as well as the predictions for the year 2017. In both cases, mobile commerce ruled over other investments like shipping, digital content, marketplaces and the list goes on. AI being the new generation eCommerce tools. 

2017 being the year of Bot with mobile messaging apps. #MagentoMeetup @tomik99

eCommerce Investment Shifts for 2017 from Divante


Asians are responsible for 52.5% global online sales. #MagentoMeetup @tomik99
The Meetup also discussed the eCommerce Market trends in the next five years and how Bots, social commerce, cross-border commerce, IoT, automated promotions etc. would rule the market. Even the global B2C eCommerce turnover was revealed and Asia Pacific ruled as the biggest growing territory for eCommerce.
Canada, the UK, and Brazil are the main contributors of cross-border commerce. #MagentoMeetup…

Some of the eCommerce start-ups to watch out for are Operator, Rebagg and ThirdLove. This was all about the presentation given by Tomek Karwatka and all of us would agree that the statistics suggest positive curve for eCommerce market.

Many such speakers were participating making the meet a perfect place for those who love Magento or eCommerce.

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