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Compare Magento 2 Product Attachment Extension ( Mageworx or Amasty )

Product Attachments Extension for Magento 2

The customers are more knowledgeable now than any other period of time. They want to know the trends, businesses, products well before they even make a purchase.

The customers are looking for more and more details about a product which they may likely buy later because of the increasing competition in the eCommerce industry. There are various factors which could affect their purchase decision and precise product information could be one of them.

If you own an eCommerce business and want to attract as well as retain customers, try to create the product details page more informative creatively.

The Product Attachments extension for stores based on Magento 2 helps the online retailers to create, add, edit, delete or manage the product attachments easily from the admin panel. The extension allows adding different types of files which could be attached to your each catalog products with a separate block on the product details page.

You can even give customized names, descriptions, creative icons to each of the file attached to the products on the storefront.

You can find features and price for this extension which has been developed by Amasty and Mageworx Company in the below table. To select the extension, you can take a look at the features and price for both the extensions:


Product Attachment for Magento 2


Product Attachment for Magento 2


Community Price: $99.00

Community Price: $139.00

Enterprise Price: $198.00

Enterprise Price: $439.00


Add downloadable files on product details page in various formats.

Facilitates to add/upload an unlimited number of files with a drag and drop option.

Attach the documents with the products as per their IDs or SKUs.

Keep the records of file downloads from your store.

Give a name to the downloadable files and write a description.

Allows to analyze the detailed reports of the file downloads.

Select the category of the files and assign them as per the different store view.

Supports attachment of various file types.

Set a limit for the file download

Enable or Disable to show the files on the product page depending on the customer groups with just one click.

Add, edit or delete the file uploads as per your requirement.

Display different icons for attachments of each file type.

Files can be sorted by name or alphabetically.

Upload the attachment files straight from the grid.

Show the size of the file and the number of downloads.

Option to copy a specific attachment for multiple products.

Check the file download stats

Option to define and customize the file name.

Add file attachments directly from the Store catalog.

Allows the customers to open the product attachments in a new browser window.

Control the access to the files by the different group of visitors/customers.

Control the display of product attachments for different store views.

Encourage your customers to sign in for downloading the attachments.

Offers separate download reports for different store views.

Define the block title, as well as the product, downloads page

Display the most important file first with the help of sort function.

By going through the above table, you can compare the features and price of the both the extensions and buy the extension which suits best for your business needs.

Still not sure about which extension to choose? Do you want to personalize this extension as per your store requirements? Do you need any help in the installation of this extension in your Magento 2 store? Please be free to reach us!


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