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Magento 2 Product Question Extension Quick Review | Swissuplabs or Aheadworks

Products Questions Extension for Magento 2

The purchase decision taken by any customer may appear very easy, but this is not the case. There are various factors which affect their buying decision and if you are an eCommerce store owner then you must be aware of those factors along with their management.

The customers visiting an online store will check the product name, images, description, cost, shipping and other such aspects before they actually buy that product. But sometimes after they have reviewed the product, they may have some questions or doubts which could affect their decision.

However, to help your customers or visitors with the selection and purchase of products, you must give them an advantage of asking product related questions on your site. You can add this feature by installing the Products Questions extension on your Magento 2 based eCommerce store.

With this extension, you can allow your customers to ask questions or even answer those questions. The questions asked can be reviewed, answered and selected to display to all your visitors. Also, it helps your site to perform better in SEO and other customers to make their buying decisions.

The most known Products Questions extensions for Magento 2 stores have been developed by Swissuplabs and Aheadworks. In the below table, you can compare the features as well as the price from both the companies.  So, let’s start the comparison!


Product Questions for Magento 2


Product Questions for Magento 2


Community Price: $399.00

Community Price: $79.00

Enterprise Price: $1199.00

Enterprise Price: $79.00


Products pages are linked with the relevant questions

Easy to add a block for product questions

Customers or admin or both can answer the questions

Places the block product/category or all the relevant web pages

Updates the customers about their questions with notification on store or through email

Allows the customers as well as guests to leave comments or answer the questions

Option to sort the relevant information with rating system

Add unlimited questions for the discussion

Customers can rate the questions and answers for the usefulness

Offers user-generated and SEO friendly content

Acts as a FAQ section or a comment section

Allows users to vote to show questions’ importance

Allows creating own questions and answers

Manage the type of questions to be shown

Offers option to customers of asking a public or private questions

Supports the private questions to be asked by only registered customers

Questions appear on the corresponding pages

Prevents spamming of questions

View the questions and answers with ‘by product’ sort feature for determining the information updates

Informs about the resulting product issues

Complete control over people asking questions, giving answers or sharing ratings.

Offers to create new questions to support customers’ needs

Selections of questions getting published

Permits to edit all the answers received for the product related questions

Validation of questions and answers before publication

Settings for sending notifications via emails

You can go for any of the extensions mentioned above by comparing the features and price, which fits with your business requirements.

Still clueless about which one to choose? Need help to download the extension? Get in touch with us and we will help you out with the apt solutions!


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