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Magento 2 Reward Points Extension Review []

Magento 2 Reward Point Extension Reviews

Since the inception of eCommerce platforms in the market, reward points extension is one of the most important features of loyalty programs introduced especially for the customers. These points have proved beneficial to study the customer’s behavior about the products and their behavior while buying different products. Here, the customers earn points for signing up for the newsletter, buying any product, sharing the products on various social media platforms and for the product sales too.

The Reward Points extension is a successor of the Points & Rewards module which is specially customized for the Magento 2 stores and it is designed in accordance with the latest platform’s coding standards and requirements. This will increase the customer interaction and make them feel that their purchase is important & the feedback will give them a chance to win the reward points.

The below table displays various features of Reward Points of most popular Magento Development companies: Amasty, Aheadworks, Magestore and Have a look at them and it will make your decision easy for buying any of the best extensions suiting your business requirements:




Reward Points for Magento 2


Reward Points for Magento 2


Reward Points for Magento 2

Reward Points for Magento 2


Community price





Enterprise Price






Earn Reward Points

Earn points for purchases and registration

Earn Reward Points. Customers can earn points for product reviews, social media sharings, on-site registrations, newsletter signups, and purchases. Purchase-based reward points can be differentiated according to earn and spend rates, customer groups and their lifetime sales volumes.

Earn points after placing orders and can also different earning rates can be created as applied levels of priority

Earn points as per the configuration set for specific customer segments such as brands/categories, shopping cart rules, registration, newsletter sign up, birthdays, product review and much more

Order Payment

Option for full or partial payment

Order Payment. Customers are able to pay with points fully or partially, depending on the limitations set by Magento admins.

One-time payment facility with no hidden costs

Refund of the products is allowed based on the earned points

Win Points

Gives points on special occasions and huge purchase orders

Win Points. Magento admins are able to add points from the backend to personally any customers and for any reason including birthdays, holidays or just individual promotions.

Earn points on placing order, money spent for the orders and can also hold back the points for few days; as per the customer’s choice

Earn points based on various shopping incentives, set time-limit (i.e. expiry date) for shoppers to buy the products

Configured Actions

Set by default

Configured Actions. Sophisticated setting options make the extension flexible and highly customizable. Magento admins can set up email notifications, limit or extend points use, restrict their use in certain categories, and so on.

Set by Different Priority Levels.

Full-control over the actions via an advanced dashboard

Refund Points

Can be done using change log manually

Refund Points. The module allows Magento admins to automatically refund to points, withdraw points earned for consequently refunded orders, return points used in consequently refunded orders.

Can get the points back from the admin in order to use them for customer’s next purchase order

Can refund the product/s and get the money stored as points in the customer’s account for their next purchase

The above table shows a brief comparison between the various companies offering Magento 2 Reward Points extension. By these amazing features, this extension is highly useful to the merchants, for both SMBs and also enterprises. The end users can easily set the modules as per their specific business requirements and it will assist them in enhancing the customer experience. This will, in turn, help them gain more success for their stores while increasing the interacting between the store users as well as the customers.

If you have any queries or need any help related to Reward Points extension, you may contact us.


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