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Magento 2 RMA Extension Comparison Guide [Aheadworks | Amasty |]

RMA Extension for Magento 2

The most difficult part of the shopping is the product returns and their policies. Before any customer purchases a product from an eCommerce store, they always consider reading and understanding the return policy of that store.

In cases like wrong color, wrong product, damaged product, wrong size etc. a customer may want to return the product in place of refund, repair or replacement. The return process seems simple but it is difficult and complicated than the shipment of product to the customer.

However, you should be ready for such circumstances beforehand.

To make the process of product return/RMA simpler and faster, there is an RMA extension for Magento 2 developed by different Magento eCommerce development companies. As the RMA process can be more tedious and complex when performed manually, you should consider going for an extension.

Let us see the workflow of the RMA process in Magento, before you go through the comparison table:

Enable the RMA extension in Magento back end > Customer request the return > from the backend authorize the return request > Shipping label creation > Customer returns the item > Admin receives the returned item > RMA process: Refund or Repair or Replacement.

In the table, listed later, we have shared the price, features and download link of the extension which are developed by three popular companies Amasty, Aheadworks and You can select any of the RMA extension for your store. So, take a look at it before you decide!


RMA for Magento 2


RMA for Magento 2

RMA for Magento 2


Community Price: $349.00

Community Price: $249.00

Community Price: $200.00

Enterprise Price: 1499.00

Enterprise Price: $549.00

Enterprise Price: $300.00


Creates the RMA requests with a submission form

Enables the RMA for different types of products

Assists customers in RMA of the products

Enters the RMA requests for Guest orders too

Adds New and unique statuses for RMA

Allows error-proof ticket processing for product return

Helps in management with stepwise RMA process

Allows RMA requests from guests

Assists in order tracking and updates to the customers of their product

Sends two-way notification for messages or statuses

Helps in setting up the notifications for RMA

Notifies both the parties about the product’s status

Adjusts the workflow of elements with extension settings

Easy management of RMA requests from the backend

Organize and controls the RMA flow

After going through the above comparison table, you can now have a clear idea about the features and prices offered by the above 3 listed companies. You can download the extension from the links shared in the table if you have made the decision to purchase the extension.

Do you have any questions regarding the RMA process or the RMA extension? If you want to know more about how the RMA process works or there is some issue while using or installing the extension or you need help in choosing between the 4 companies, you can contact us and we will be happy to guide and support you!



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