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Common Magento Development Mistakes and its Solutions

In order to improve your performance and business reputation, try to avoid the below mentioned most common Magento development Mistakes.

Hurdle of Layered Navigation

Layered navigation means that there are various options/products from different category and subcategory on the same page. In this navigation, multiple categories with subcategories are represented on the single page so as to give the customers different options to choose from.

The hurdle of layered navigation is that it results in overlapped images and categories and slow page loading. This can make customers leave the webpage which ultimately will affect the conversion rates of the website.

Try to avoid the crawling of your webpages by search engine crawlers

Utilise the Ajax Navigation feature on your webpage which offers narrowing of products search via different filters.

Using Default Settings

There are some default settings in Magento which sometimes create trouble.

1. Default Homepage

There are numerous eCommerce sites on the web and you will not find any homepage with a single word title or ‘home’ title. This is because such titles are not correct as per SEO algorithm. The title should contain one primary keyword followed by a secondary keyword.

If you also need to change the homepage title of your store, then go to Pages section under CMS and click on ‘Edit your homepage’.

2. Default Descriptions

This another mistake under the default settings. The shop owners use incomplete or improper product descriptions which eventually decreases the site ranking in search engines results.

Proper product descriptions give more detailed information about the products and its working to the customers. It is also not good to use description which is provided by the manufacturers.

To solve this issue, you need to write fresh, unique and SEO friendly product descriptions.

3. Default Magento XML Sitemap

Many of the shop owners forget about adding sitemap on their online stores. They do not understand the importance of the sitemap that it helps in improving the search rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To avoid this issue, you need to create and apply new sitemap on your store or use sitemap extensions.

Substandard Choices of Themes

While designing web store, shop owners select their favorite theme or color and forget that the website they have developed is for their customers. However, the theme they actually select should attract and interact with their customers.

Also, due to the selection of heavy themes, the page loading speed is highly affected which makes customers leave your webpage or website. The heavy themes also affect page loading speed when new products or multiple products have been added on the site.

Select a theme which is simple with more custom options.

Ensure that the page loading speed is optimum and is not affected due to more new products are added on the site.

Select a theme which is user friendly.

NonResponsive Website Design

As the number of mobiles using customers is increasing at such a fast pace, it becomes important that the shop owners should have the website which can be viewable on any screen size device.

Most of the business people are not using the responsive design but there are still some who are managing different websites for different devices. And this makes life a bit out of control.

To increase more sales and traffic on eCommerce websites, the shop owners should ask their developers to make their website responsive to all screen size mobile devices.

Shared Resources and Server

When your Magento store is on a shared server and you are also sharing the resources, it can have a major impact on the security, speed, and reputation of your store.

To keep your website safe and secure from hackers, you can customize your store and configure it on to another server. The widely used servers are PHP and MySQL.

Slow Speed of Store

As discussed above the speed of the Magento store can have an impact on its performance. However, you need to maintain the optimum speed of your store.

To speed up the Magento store, you can activate the Compilation function of the store. To activate the compilation function, navigate to: Magento store > System > Tools > Compilation.

This was all about the common mistakes in Magento development and how you can avoid them. We have also shared Pitfalls for developers while working with Magento. If you need any help for developing a Magento website, contact us.

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