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Magento 2 Promo Banners/Custom Blocks Quick Comparison [Amasty vs Swissuplabs]

Banners and Custom Blocks Extension for Magento 2

At times when you are planning to promote your products or services and you are running a marketing campaign for that, you need to determine different ways to make these promotions reach your target audience. The promotional banners or custom blocks on your store help you to fulfill these needs.

The banners or blocks placed in the store help you to attract a large number of customers to your site makes them aware of the promotions and increases the sales rate. With the Banners and Custom blocks extension for Magento 2, the store owners can now easily and effectively promote their products as well as services.

The extension makes the store owners create unlimited banners or blocks based on the cart, category, and product pages. The management and configuration of the banners can be simply performed from the admin panel.

It also allows the store owners to define a time duration to show the banners to the selected customers. You can even track the performance of banners created as per defined customer groups. The banners can be displayed as images, HTML text or CMS block according to your marketing campaign.

The extension designed and developed by Amasty and Swissuplabs is available in the market for the Magento 2 based stores. You can take a look at the features offered against the price of the extension below:


Promo Banners for Magento 2


Banners and Custom Blocks for Magento 2


Community Price: $159.00

Community Price: $79.00

Enterprise Price: $459.00

Enterprise Price: $79.00


Display the promotional banners on pages: shopping cart, category, and product pages

Generate an unlimited amount of placeholders associated with the reference block

Control display of banners based on different conditions

Utilise ten predefined placeholders

Create and personalize the banner design as per the store theme

Create numerous banners and content blocks for every placeholder

Define the position of the promotion banners on the store from a large list of page positions

Utilise different types of banners to display: Banner, Awesome bar, and Lightbox

Show the banners and hot deals according to the product attributes

Target to display as the banners as per the specific customer groups

Show special offers with banners on cart, checkout, category as well as product pages

Show the content of a targeted URL in the same window, a lightbox popup or in a new tab

Create banners with anyone banner type: HTML text, images or CMS blocks

Track the performance of banners by defining banner clicks and hits

Find the banner display as per the category

Add the banners with the help of widgets

Display banners on each product page of the selected product category

Manually place the placeholders through PHP coding or XML files

Define the time duration to display the promo banners to the customers

Limit the visibility as per the user browsing time and user activity

Define the terms or words to show the banners associated with pages in the search results

Display the banners on particular product and category pages for the selected products

Promote the products on contact us or delivery pages

Show the banners as per the defined time period and time range

Manage the promotional offers display as per the products added to the cart

Resize the images with resizer and set up the background and dimension of the resized images

Manage the display of banners according to the relevance

Display the banner content in the form of images or HTML modes

Generate conditions as per the cart attributes

Define the display count of banners for the selected customers

Display pop-up banners for the customers who were inactive for long

You can download and install the extension for creating and managing Banners and Blocks from the link provided in the table and avail the benefits of its essential features.

Do you need to know more about the Banner and Custom Blocks extension? Do you want to know whether the extension can be customized as per your campaign or marketing needs? Contact us anytime!


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