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Mass Product Actions for Magento 2 | v1.0.10

This extension helps a lot with product management efficiency. It will allow to mass update Attribute set for a group of products, making it extremely easy to compose the store catalogue. With Mass product Actions Magento 2 extension, just select all the necessary products, choose any available action and complete the operation.

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Product Description

Magento Mass product Actions extension enables to change prices in mass using different parameters; it reduces the time store admins have to spend on performing the same actions: relating products, assigning attribute set, categories, cross-sells, up-sells etc. The same applies to categories- any number of products can be added to or excluded from a category in one go.

Features :

  • Easy Product comparison and create up-sells and cross-sells.
  • Mass price modification and customize price rounding.
  • Assign or remove multiple products from categories.
  • Make your work easier by customizing product grid
  • Copy custom options from a specified product.
  • Delete multiple products rapidly.


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General :
This extension has been developed by Amasty. It is solely belongs to the Amasty. This extension works with Magento Commerce based web store. We’ll purchase the latest versions of the extensions from Amasty using our partners account once you book order on our website.

Extension Details :
The extension details which we share on this page is subject to change as per the changes made on the official page of this extension on Amasty website. Please confirm validity of information like extension features, price, functionality, changes, support and upgrade for current time from extension pages of official Amasty website. Please always refer the source link of extension provider.

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After you have purchased and installed the extension in your store, you may need support at some point. The support period for the extension will be provided as per the extension support policy mentioned by Amasty.

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