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The feature offers a superior experience by enabling your clients to choose more than one choice of a similar quality. The clients can even organize the indexed lists under the desired price range or as per the product ratings or reviews. Additionally, this feature is designed to refresh product list without reloading the category page. It works fast with very large databases and can be displayed in the top toolbar or left sidebar vertical layered navigation.

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Product Description

This Magento 2 layered navigation allows customers to filter products effectively by category, color, price and other such attributes or custom options avoiding page refresh, as it uses ajax technology. Product Filter will save your customers time by sorting product collections according to selected criteria. With the help of this feature you can filter multiple attributes and attributes values at a time.

Features :

  • Multiple attributes can be selected for the same filter.
  • Set price slider for selecting the price range.
  • Display in stock or/and out of stock products.
  • Filtering of the products with Ajax without page load.

For More Details:

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