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If customer can not find all the products in one page then it will be irritated for customers and they may be left your site. But this magento feature provides the solution of this problem as it offer user friendly UI, help customer save clicks and time. It makes shopping experience and user experience become more enjoyable and easily. It can automatically load products without interruption by just view more or load more button on product or category page.

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Product Description

Magento 2 Product Scroll or View More Button automatically loads product catalog without reloading the page. It decrese loading time in product page and search page. This feature loads the next page of the website automatically. In this sense it helps to decrease loading time of website.

Features :

  • Control the number of products load.
  • Shows the loader image.
  • Displays the loader text.
  • For more product loading add button of “load more”.


For More Details:

Extension Feature Extension Demo User Guide

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