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From time to time for business or legal reasons you may need to hide some products from certain customer groups and show them to the other ones. With the help of this feature you can manage private sales quickly and efficiently. For example, you can easily hide pricing for certain online customer groups or replace it with a custom CMS-block. At the same time it is possible to set the ‘Call for price’ block instead of ‘Add to cart’ button or redirect users from hidden pages to 404 page or CMS-pages.

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Product Description

Diverse your selling strategy. Change visibility of particular products for different customer groups. With the Customer Group Catalog extension, you can hide price or replace it with custom content on category and product pages. This feature helps to assign/restrict specific product per customer and group.

Features :

  • You can hide restricted products from search results
  • Show premium products to premium customers only.
  • Restricts the access of specific category to the user which are not registered.
  • Once click to enable or disable the extension.


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