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This feature is for when the client achieves the finish of the present item list, the following page is loaded automatically by AJAX after the end of the list.  Presently you can get an all the more neighbourly UI by helping the client to spare snaps and time.

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Product Description

At the point when your category page have an excessive number of items, so clients need to tap the “Next” button many times to load the following portion of products. It will be irritated for clients and some of the time can decrease their inspiration to make a purchase. By utilizing Magento 2 Ajax Scroll, client can discover items quicker and more helpful, all items are loaded automatically on one page. Furthermore, Magento 2 Infinite Scroll will remember the position and bring customer back directly to the same place in the catalog after browsing product detail page.

Features :

  • Products load on page while scrolling.
  • Loader image appears during the products loading.
  • A loading text appears along with the loader image.
  • Effect of loader functions on category.


For More Details:

Extension Feature Extension Demo User Guide

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