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This feature is mostly used to find Wheels, Tires, Truck Grilles, Truck Bed Covers, Printer Cartridges, Wine, Washer Machine Replacement Parts, Sewing Machine Parts, Any accessory, replacement or performance parts, tractor parts, nail gun nails, car, toner, auto mobile, vehicle spare parts etc.

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Product Description

Create product filters based on key criteria, which help to locate the right products very quickly. This Extension is very useful to search products very quickly from large products database. You can create number of dropdowns into finder as per your requirements like Year, Make , Model, SubModel OR Year, Make, Model, Engine OR Printer Brand, Family, Model etc. You can use our extension for any products parts finder.

Features :

  • Offers to add multiple part finders.
  • Creates different filters to add various value options.
  • Imports or exports the data.
  • Shows the part finder on category and other webpages of the store.


For More Details:

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