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This feature gives traders a one kind of a chance to showcase different types of their products by uploading different images and videos of the product. For ex., Customers ready to easily switch between the front of a shirt to the back or maybe watch a model turn around and showcase all angles of the shirt. Basically upload a ‘flipped’ variant image or video that will be activated if the customer were to mouse-over the image on the category page.

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Product Description

Magento Product Flipper extension permits ecommerce website owners to showcase an alternate product image. This feature helps to provide a simple way to display secondary product image when hovering on the product image. It shows the front and back view of an item.

Features :

  • Quick view with just a hover of mouse.
  • Set images or videos.
  • Upload videos from your system.
  • Show close up details of the products.
  • ontinuation of the video on next hover.

For More Details:

Extension Feature Extension Demo User Guide

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