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With the feature, you can create different delivery standards to recalculate and overwrite rates. The module offers an extensive variety of parameters for rules creation which can be utilized both exclusively and in combinations. Also, the feature gives various calculations to calculate shipping rate extra charges, discounts and overriding. Adaptable settings empower you to change rules application to a particular needs: utilize coupons, indicate rule application needs and apply rules to specific store perspectives and customer groups.

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Product Description

Shipping process is an indispensable piece of ecommerce. Online stores offer items everywhere throughout the world utilizing diverse delivery services, for example, UPS, FedEx or others. You can easily increase, decrease or even replace the standard shipping rates based on your business plan. As a result, you can have higher earnings than ever before. If shipping process is cost-effective and there are no troubles with product delivery, customers trust the store and return back to buy more products. Make custom delivery rules in light of an assortment of item conditions and shopping cart characteristics.

Features :

  • Customised shipping charges for shipping carriers.
  • Recalculation of shipping charges using surcharge.
  • Flexibility to add number of conditions.
  • Selection of days on which shipping rule is to be applied.
  • Recalculation of shipping charges based on coupon code applied.


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