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Shop Locator feature has been developed to help your clients find the nearest place to purchase your goods and services. We’ve created the flexible feature with simple settings. Google Maps Store Locator allows your customers to search for products and find the store nearest them having the desired product. This is done when you allow Google Maps to access your current location. The Get Directions button draws the fastest route to the store. This feature allows your customers to search by Product or Address, display store attributes to enhance search ability, import multiple stores, and many more features.

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Product Description

Store locator Extension helps to make the information about your store location. You use Magento to make your website but it’s your responsibility to give the information about your store location to your customers so that your customers can easily find your store on google map.

Features :

  • Users can view the entire list of the stores.
  • Users can view the store location.
  • Users can choose between the satellites or map.
  • Users can filter their stores.
  • sers can gain access to the external link of the store.


For More Details:

Extension Features Extension Demo User Guide

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