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Product Questions for Magento 2 | Aheadworks

Generate a specified communication portion for every product page where your buyers can raise inquiries or where you can share surplus details about your products.

    Community Edition 2.0 - 2.1.3

    Enterprise Edition 2.0 - 2.1.3

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    Service Included :

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Product Description

Assign a communication part over each item webpage which lets your shoppers enquire about your products and where you can exhibit more details about products.

Features :

  • Product pages are straightaway linked with subsequent questions;
  • Resolutions are provided by admin, buyer or both;
  • Notifications tell buyers about their queries;
  • Information can be easily scrutinized with the help of Rating System;
  • Questions broadcast on all applicable pages;


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General :
This extension has been developed by Aheadworks. It solely belongs to the Aheadworks. This extension works with Magento Commerce based web store. We’ll purchase the latest versions of the extensions from using our partners account once you book order on our website.

Extension Details:
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After you have purchased and installed the extension in your store, you may need support at some point. The support period for the extension will be provided as per the extension support policy mentioned by Aheadworks.


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