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Refund Policy

  1. General

Refund policy has the following terminologies:

Customer, you and you’re referring to the person that accepts the Refund Policy of M-Connect Solutions, Inc. The company, We. Ours and Us refer to of M-Connect Solutions, Inc. Products refer to the Magento extensions on the website. We can use them in singular or plural form.

This refund policy has been solely designed and articulated for the products sold by the M-Connect Solutions, Inc. Our services like installation, development and support are nonrefundable except for the terms mentioned in the terms of use and are applicable to the services or products.

  1. How to request a refund?

The customer can ask for the refund. The time period is subjected to change as per the refund period provided by the original extension developer. The customer should uninstall the extension and destroy all copies before asking for a refund. The termination of the extension and its copies should be done within 5 calendar days, which starts from the day of initiation of money refund process.

  1. Reasons for Refund

The refund would be given in all instances except the following:

  • 30 days have passed from the purchase of the product.
  • The Customer does not agree to terminate the extension and destroy its copies within 5 calendar days starting from the request of refund.
  • When there are proofs suggesting that the extension was bought with the intention of copying its code or for reproducing the code without the written consent of the supplier.
  1. Disclaimer:

We are not liable for any losses to an individual or business due to the refunded product. This includes but is not limited to the loss of business profits and information etc.

  1. Changes to the Refund Policy

M-Connect Solutions, Inc. reserves all rights to change or modify the refund policy anytime without any prior notice. It would be the customer’s responsibility to enquire about the changes made or if things are not clear to them.

  1. The refund would be totally third party dependent. As we are purchasing an extension from original extension provider so the refund process, conditions and period would be as suggested by extension provider.
  2. Normally, you can expect a refund within 10 days after getting a confirmatory notification from us.
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