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Magento 2 Shipping Restriction Extension Comparison (Amasty vs MageWorx)

Shipping Restrictions Extension for Magento 2

In Every country, eCommerce business or shipping carriers have their own limitations for product shipments. The reason could be the local or international shipping laws, finances or business requirements.

It may happen that you do not want to ship specified products to a particular country, state or area. There could be times when you are unable to ship the products to some customers or on a particular day. For example, you are short of products in your warehouse then you need to restrict the shipping of those products based on your shipping methods.

You can restrict the shipping methods or carriers on your Magento 2 based store with the help of Shipping Restrictions extension. This extension offers you to create different shipping rules and regulations as per different conditions, products, cart attributes, customers groups etc.

There are two feature-rich Shipping Restriction extensions developed by Amasty and Mageworx Company for the eCommerce stores based on Magento 2 platform. You can select any one of the extension as per your business requirements after you go through the features and price listed in the given below table:


Shipping Restriction Extension for Magento 2


Shipping Restriction Extension for Magento 2


Community Price: $159.00

Community Price: $149.00

Enterprise Price: $459.00

Enterprise Price: $298.00


Restrict some shipping methods of the carriers.

Offers advanced shipping rules and restrictions.

Creates rules and restrictions as per customers’ shipping details.

Create shipping rules as per product, cart attribute, and address.

Blocks only the irrelevant shipping methods or products getting not shipped instead of all.

Block all the other rules when the new specific rules or restrictions has been applied.

Apply or cancel the restrictions directly from the grid for each case.

Create a new shipping method or customize the existing one.

Creates rules or shipping limitations according to orders, customers and product attributes.

Define different shipping rates as per previously configured conditions or add customized rates to shipping methods.

Set up restrictions on specific days and on a particular postcode

Add discount to the suborder total and check total before applying discount.

Apply some taxes and discounts on the suborder total.

Apply customized shipping methods to the newly created shipping carriers.

Restrict some shipping methods for specific customer groups.

Create different shipping rates for the individual as well as grouped products.

Block next day delivery or one-day delivery shipping methods for out of stock items.

Enables to estimate or recalculate the shipping rates of the carriers.

Select the shipping methods to apply on a particular store or website.

Enables to create flexible delivery dates for the orders.

Put shipping restrictions for certain products or to certain regions.

Allows adding a new shipping method from carrier configuration screen/page.

Enables to create different shipping restrictions based on customer’s attributes such as date of birth, gender, customer group etc.

Define a shipping rate calculation method, to sum up, or overwrite the previous shipping cost.


You can compare different features and price offered by the extensions developed by both the above-listed companies.

Want to get detailed knowledge of the shipping restrictions? Do you need a customized extension for your Magento eCommerce store or need technical support for the download and installation of the shipping restriction extension in your Magento 2 store? Get in touch with us !!!


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