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Store Credit Magento 2 Extension Review: Magestore vs

Store Credit Extension for Magento 2

In this competitive era, you need to be different, unique and offer something which is not common. If you are an eCommerce business, then you have to give away incentives to your customers to make your brand preferable and popular.

There are various methods to offer incentives to your customers, attracting them or satisfying them. But, the Store credit is a solution for many of the issues. You can provide a new method for payments, offer discounts, reward your customers or even encourage your customers to buy more from you.

The benefits of the Store Credit can be received by activating the Store Credit Extension for Magento 2 based eCommerce stores. The extension has been developed and made available in the market by two companies i.e. Magestore and

The extension offers you to reward your customers for their loyalty or for referring a friend in the form of a credit to their store account which they can use as a payment method in the next purchase. With the extension, you can control whether the customers can use their store credit for making the payment or cancel it during the checkout. Also, you can check the credit code used or transaction history from the admin panel or My Credit page.

You can wade through the multiple features of both the Store Credit extension for Magento 2 stores developed by Magestore and Company, in the below-given table:


Store Credit for Magento 2

Store Credit for Magento 2


Community Price: $139.30

Community Price: $200.00

Enterprise Price: $339.30

Enterprise Price: $200.00


Customers interact more with your store by using the store credit

Retain amount in your account by offering store credit to the customers.

Customers come back to your store for spending the store credit amount.

Issue the refund for any order with store credit

Add the credit to the customer’s store account

Allows to precisely refill the balances from the admin panel.

Refund the amount of any transaction through store credit

Enables to access the transaction details quickly.

Customers can spend the credit for the next purchase or share it with their friends.

View or update the customer’s store balance.

Access the reports, transaction history, and balances for credits.

Option to do a checkout with store credit or real money.

Set up to make customers spend the store credit on tax or shipping fees.

Bonus to the customer’s loyalty program

Set up Credit use for cancellation on Shopping cart and Checkout page

Customers can decide how much to spend on the store credit.

Get notification emails for balance or sending credit etc. updates

Clear and inbuilt usage for the admin as well as customers.

Set up and manage different types of credit products.

Check the history of transactions for you and your customers.

Customized Title color and background on My credit page.

Send store credit in customer dashboard and Store Credit details page.

View the usage of credit code.

You will get the idea about the functionality of the extension from the above feature table. If you want to implement the features of the Store Credit extension to your store, you can install any of extension as per your business requirements.

Do you want to know more about the Store Credit extension or need an extension as per your business model or require any assistance in installing it to your extension? Please feel free to reach us!


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