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Adaptation of Magento 2 has been significantly increased in the E-commerce marketplace; therefore, it’s high time for sellers/vendors to reconstruct their online store to be the most compatible and attractive to store viewers. By some means or other, it is indispensable that a bundle of basic extensions makes remarkable contribution to the success of one site. Great convenience from your store can engage customers to visit or love at their first click or not. Understanding this situation, our Landofcoder experts released a list of Top 10 Essential Extensions For Magento 2 Stores to maximize the value of any E-commerce sites.

What’s more? All of our extensions are provided with Free Installation Service, and our support team is always ready to assist you with your problems before and after purchasing our products. This can save more time and help shoppers work smoothly in Magento 2.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s explore them with us!

1. Blog Extension

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If you are running an E-commerce site, you need an effective marketing tool to announce promotions, news or upcoming events of your store. And Blogging is considered as all what sellers require. With our Blog extension, writing about your company, along with other outstanding content about your transaction activities can engage and captivate a great deal number of target customers.

Especially, the recently updated feature of this module is the quick blogging process. Blog Extension is customized for seller to manage store blogs easily such as importing all features from WordPress to Magento 2 or starting to set up blog appearance within a single minute.

2. Testimonials Extension

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The most common attitude of customers when shopping is that they wonder if one product is worth the price they pay for. The massive majority of customers prefer buying products that have been used or highly evaluated by a great quantity of people. Only by most reviews from others may they put their trust and loyalty in a new brand. Thus, one of the key factors leading to the success in online business is building up credibility for your store. It is happy to say that, Testimonial Extension for Magento 2 by Landofcoder would be a smart choice. Using this useful extension, vendors can supervise customer’s review and testimonial easily whenever you want.

3. Image Gallery

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Image Gallery for Magento 2 is an effective extension to allow store admins to manage images and galleries into a variety of groups up to different requirements. The most outstanding factor of this module is to support admin to create a professional product gallery, helping store owners to get more out of the same store and gain higher order rates as well as more sales. 

4. FAQ Extension

Demo | Detail

FAQ Extension is an effective tool for both sellers and shoppers to communicate through an online page. Customers can raise their questions easily and view other answers related to the topic. This feature are only provided by our magento 2 product. Shoppers are allowed to search topic they want by entering keywords in the search box, of course, the most FAQ is at the top of the page. Additionally, with the support of Magento Block Caching, your site speed will be significantly enhanced and customers hardly suffer from frustration.

5. Help Desk

Demo | Detail

Customer supporting service is considered as the true test of how much an online company values customers when they shop online. Landofcoder has proudly released Help Desk Extension for Magento 2, which is an excellent module with a bundle of outstanding features. This extension help E-commerce store owners create a professional system to serve clients comprehensively. All request, inquiries, offline chat messages and emails are collected and assigned to the proper department without leaking information.

6. Auto Search


Almost customers agree that using search tab to find out their desired product is relatively convenient, especially for the page with a massive mega menu. Reducing time scrolling up and down can save a remarkable amount of time to look for the most premium products for each purchaser. Therefore, Help Desk Extension is certainly what you need to optimize the searching process. Provided with Ajax Search with Lightening Fast Speed, this extension allow shoppers to search product fast and raise their interest effectively, which can increase your site conversion rate.

7. Store Locator

Demo | Detail

It is undeniable that no store owners want to leave poor impression to potential customers just because they do not locate where your offline store is. With the support of Store Locator Extension, admin can your stores with ease in one single map. Displaying location on a convenient Google map can maximally streamline shopping process and high accuracy level with most suitable suggested locations.

8. Social Login


When accessing to any online stores, viewers may hesitate to go on logging in as they have to sign in in case of not having an account before. However, if they have logged in some social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, … customers can easily integrate these account to their Magento 2 account to your store. And our Social Login Extension is a simple and powerful tool to optimize the process of registering steps. With the support of Quick Ajax Login, shoppers can log in in the blink of an eye through their other social accounts with lots of satisfaction.

9. SMS Notification


Are you sometimes insane with the huge process of sending and replying notification of your online store? Don’t worry with our support from SMS Notification Extension. This stunning module allows store admins to interact easily and directly with customers by sending and receiving SMS notification messages. Whenever there are various attractive events in your Magento 2 store online, your customers are sent SMS Service API with Twilio, Bulk SMS, which takes just a few seconds to transfer notification and customize easily. Be an smart online business runner, choose Magento 2 SMS Notification.

10. Customer Quotation

Demo | Detail

Customer Quotation is an effective and powerful extension to manage and create quotation demand on frontend or quote it from backend demo. It is necessary to successfully negociate the price with the purchaser. They can quote the custom prices or custom product that they want the similarity, and these are created fast and easily by this module. In addition, it is really convenient with the support of follow-up quote email, department assignment, attaching PDF proposals and much more tools.


These Top 10 Essential Extensions For Magento 2 Stores is all exciting on their own, but they are especially valuable and vital when they are together aligned to comply with your overarching store strategy. All of these above modules are suggested to be totally important for Magento 2 stores to adapt into the E-commerce world. Hope that blog will help you to make a judicious decision when choosing which extensions to boost your sales and put your store to the top position.





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