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Top 6 Magento 2 Extensions Boosting Your Conversion Rates

Top 6 Magento 2 Extensions Boosting Your Conversion Rates


Which Magento 2 Extensions are you seeking to optimize your conversion?

In reality, Magento provides tons of built-in features and tools to boost conversion rates of e-commerce stores. However, selecting which one is more suitable and useful for your website is not easy at all because conversion funnel is entirely different in size and nature from stores to stores. That’s why we have gone ahead and selected a list of top 6 Magento 2 Extensions that boost your conversion rates to save your time and effort. What you should do is taking them into account and choosing the best Magento 2 extension for your online business. Let’s explore!

  1. Magento 2 One Step Checkout

To boost your conversion rates, you should create for your customers a fast and effortless checkout process. Don’t make it complicated. If the checkout process includes many steps and takes time, customers will feel annoyed, and they may move to other better sites immediately. To avoid losing potential clients, you will need Magento 2 One Step Checkout to optimize your checkout process. Simplify your shopping process with the extension that can combine many steps in one. Moreover, this extension can speed up the checkout process and help your shoppers save a ton of time. The higher satisfaction they gain, the more loyalty they put. As a result, you can decrease abandon rates, enhance customer loyalty and increase your sales in the long run.

One Step Checkout

Demo / Detail

Highlight Features:

  • 75% faster than default checkout
  • Google address suggestion
  • Neat & clean interface
  • Supported skins: material design and flat UI
  • Apply coupon once
  • Update shopping cart product quantity with auto Ajax

2. Magento 2 Stripe Payment Pro

Provide safe, user-friendly and secure multiple payment methods can take a significant impact on your conversion. If your clients are limited to money transactions, they can switch to another better store. Nowadays, customers are familiar with most built-in payment options in Magento like PayPal, Stripe Gateways, credit cards. Magento 2 Stripe Payment Pro is outstanding with diverse payment options with multilingual and multi-currency features. Hence, it can help you target your customers and stretch your clients in many different countries. Consequently, you can build your web credibility and push your revenue. 

Stripe Payment Pro

Demo / Detail

Highlight Features:

  • Allow multiple cards payment
  • Working with stripe supported currencies
  • Easily set payment action to capture the payment right after placing an order or after invoice generation
  • Supported Alipay with the stripe checkout
  • Alipay account can be saved for making future payments
  • Added cards and payment methods and specific images are visible on the checkout page

3. Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping is a crucial process you can not under-estimate because it decides actions and behavior of your customers. If your shipping process is fast, correct and convenient, they will come back your store and carry out next transactions. That’s a way you boost your conversion rates. Also, you should offer your shoppers unlimited shipping methods so that they can choose the most suitable one for them. Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping is provided to meet your demand. The extension gives you multiple flat-rate methods at different prices and conditions. You can enable specific flat rate shipping method with fixed or percent amount for one or all countries.

Flat Rate Shipping

Demo / Detail

Highlight Features:

  • Add multiple flat rate shipping methods
  • Configure each shipping methods for specific countries or all countries
  • Applied a fixed amount or a percent amount
  • Admin can import/export the rate in CSV files
  • Specify flat rate on the condition of per order/item basis
  • Admin can allow each flat rate shipping method for particular or all countries

4. FAQ Extension For Magento 2

Before deciding on the purchase, buyers are likely to take time to figure out the answer to their questions related to your products. That’s why you need to prepare informative answers to all detail questions. Transactions will be faster and more smoothly if their curiosity is tackled. Advanced FAQ Extension for Magento 2 supports you to set up a list of most frequently asked questions, related questions, and associated products on detail product pages. Therefore, it is easy for visitors to find out full answers to their questions.


Demo / Detail

Highlight Features:

  • Optimized for Mobiles
  • Amazing ajax live search based on content, keyword, tag
  • Create unlimited FAQs divided into categories
  • View the answers to each question with expand/ collapse feature
  • Display most asked questions to save customer’s time
  • Set FAQ any positions by using FAQ blocks

5. Magento 2 Lazy Load

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rates is investing in a fast loading Magento website. A successful website page is the one has not only an attractive content but also a qualified loading speed. Your site will seem to be unprofessional if the time for loading is over 2 seconds. To optimize loading speed, you should consider Magento 2 Lazy Load. This extension is good at reducing loading time with smooth effect transition and creating a pleasant user experience which will hit your conversion rate up.

Lazy Load

Demo / Detail

Highlight Features:

  • Saves web server resources
  • Reduce Loading Time
  • Optimizes Magento 2 site speed
  • Improve Google page ranking – friendly code strings, which promotes site rank in the SERPs
  • Load Magento 2 images with beautiful transition when customers scroll down the page
  • Offload for the server (reduce server requests) and save bandwidth

6. Magento 2 Reward Point

Let’s boost your conversion by enhancing your customers. Setting up loyalty campaigns will be the most effective strategy to engage both new customers and returning ones. In loyalty campaigns, create for your clients a convenient and flexible environment during transactions. To stimulate customers’ loyalty, you can give them reward points during the checkout. Magento 2 Reward Points encourage your shoppers to earn and spend points fast and easily. This extension is a must-have marketing tool to enhance new shoppers and drives old ones to purchase your products.

Reward Points

Demo / Detail

Highlight Features:

  • Reward your visitors for multiple ways
  • Earn points by referring to friends
  • Gain points right after ordering
  • Spending points by various ways
  • Control the balance, transaction, history of points in the account
  • Add reward points for specific or multiple products

Final Words

All above Magento extensions come with functional and updated features to help you motivate your web conversion. You just need to select one or some of these extensions which are suitable for your online store and discover how they work. Hope that the list of top 6 Magento 2 Extension boosting your conversion rates will empower your business.

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